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Moonlight Waltz

Water. Paper. Light.

Three steps towards moonlight.

         Blame it on a late night in the darkroom, but I found my face in a tub of water. Without a worry of the residual chemicals in the tub, I crumpled paper over my face and exposed it to light. This created a photogram with a surprising amount of detail. The result inspired me to continue making photograms in hopes to learn more about this discovery.

         Using my face, bits of nature, and a couple fruits, I experimented with the photogram process. Water proves to give the photogram depth, and in some cases, giving the objects detail. I moved quickly whenever making each work. I was mindful of how the items fell onto the paper, but was less concerned with how water and light came into play. It became a performance between water and light. A flick of water, a short burst of light, and a sprint to develop; the waltz of moonlight began to fiddle into each work. 

         I am passionate for the darkroom process, and the history of photography. I believe the photogram to be a delicate item, where each work holds the essence of the object being used. I appreciate the photograms ability to only exist once, with no exact reproduction. Water, paper, and light are the three steps involved in this work. Much like a waltz, where three steps are performed by a moving chorus, each photogram transforms into a waltz, and a song is created from nature.

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